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Graphic Designer | Illustrator

Howdy! I like to bring a creative eye and energy to my role as Graphic Designer. I have experience collaborating with design teams in creating printed and digital collateral, illustrations, proposal graphics, logos, brand guides and much more. My talents include creating original artwork for projects that give each one a unique, original look as well as woking quickly to meet client deadlines.

At PetSmart, I'm Lead designer for cat and dog toy proprietary brands as well as dog treats. I design packaging from concept to print ready files and produce brand style guides with an emphasis on design rules that create consistent on shelf visuals. I also have experience directing photoshoots with pet talent to showcase products on packaging. I'm a leader of people, managing a team of three as the lead of the template program. I've templatized over100 packaging SKUs for use year over year, which resulted in time and cost savings for PetSmart by eliminating repetitive work along with creating over a thousand unique packages.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Art and Design from Arizona State University. Outside of work, I love drawing and spending time with my bunny.

Thank you for stopping by!

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